About Us

Hello my name is Jess I'm.31 years old and I live in a l coastal town called Lossiemouth in the highlands of Scotland.

Welcome to my business Melts Away.

Melts Away was born during the second lockdown due to the covid -19 pandemic, I have always liked wax melts and home fragrances and have worked as reps for a couple of different companies.....until I realised I wanted to have my very own wax melt business....so here we are.

All our products are handpoured using 100% biodegradable soy wax and high quality fragrance oils. Aswell as also being vegan friendly and cruirty free. 

We really do make our products with love and care, right here in Lossiemouth from my home to yours. 

I really hope you enjoy using our products ... I hope to fill your homes with long lasting fragrances!!!


                      Jess ❤

          (CEO and Founder of Melts Away)